Brian Langley

Partner, Executive Vice President – Headquarters

From Finance to Account Planning to Operations to Data,?Brian’s diverse background allows him to understand the fundraising process from all angles. First working at Nexus in 2012 as?a?Senior Account Planner,?Brian?was responsible for data analysis and segmentation, carving a donor base down to those most likely to give and creating impressive results for nationally known nonprofits. An extremely detail-oriented person, many of the policies and procedures still in place at Nexus are a direct result of his willingness to think outside the box and his determination to improve his clients’ results.

Brian?rejoined Nexus in 2018, serving as?Data and Analytics Manager. Happy to be back in the nonprofit fundraising world,?Brian?has jumped headfirst into leading the Account Planning Department into new territories, working both behind the scenes in?data analytics and directly with clients on reports and results analysis.?Brian?is an enthusiastic team player who?is committed to knowing each client’s data inside and out in order to offer both time-tested methods and new, innovative testing strategies that help them meet — and often exceed — their revenue goals.

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