EEK! It’s almost time to pack your bags and head to the ANA Conference in Chi-Town!

Are you prepared?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably started browsing the titles and descriptions of the various breakout sessions over the 3-day event in an attempt to learn as much as possible about the latest and greatest in the fundraising world.

And as you make the “yup,” “nope” and “DEFINITELY!” notes alongside the session titles, it may feel like this initial prep phase is the hardest part.? Your experience at the conference has a lot to do with which sessions you attend, yet you’re trying to make decisions based off of a witty title and the most vague description in the world (which is mostly due to Twitter-like word count restrictions given to the presenter!).

I’ve been there… So, in an attempt to help in your decision-making process, I’d like to take the opportunity to E X P A N D the very short, nondescript description associated with my and Chelsea’s upcoming presentation: “Who’s That ‘Anonymous Donor’, Anyway?” at the ANA Conference.

So here it is:


If you like learning about how to increase revenue…

…by hearing about actual case studies with actual results from organizations that have actual budgets.?

Then this session is for you.


First and foremost, this presentation will be meaty. Unlike some sessions where you walk away feeling like the discussion was too elementary or the strategy too robust to ever be able to apply it to your own organization, you’ll walk away with actual examples and actual ways in which you can begin applying a matching gift strategy that works for you.? The goal is for you to be able to go home and immediately begin discussions on how this kind of strategy can be implemented in your next campaign.



If you like humor…

…like the good kind. You know, the witty, chuckle-to-yourself, look-around-to-see-who-else-is-on-the-inside-of-the-joke kinda humor.

Then this session is for you.


My co-presenter and Director of Development at a national nonprofit, Chelsea Leonard, might be one of the funniest people I know! It will be impossible to sit through this session without laughing.



If you like nerdy stuff…

…like understanding the “why” behind a successful tactic or strategy.

Then this session is for you.


Although we’ll be diving deep into the overall strategy of matching gifts and the various tactics associated with that in an omnipresent direct marketing campaign, the behavioral economics piece behind it will be discussed.? This is something that you can use to evaluate other strategies and tactics at your organization!?


Learn More About Becca's SessionLearn More About Becca's Session



If you like free Sh*t…

…like the kind of freebies that will win you some serious kudos when you get back to work.

Then this session is for you.


Of course, we’ll have the cool, specially designed 15th Anniversary swag from Nexus Direct, but more than that, we’ll be offering FREE data and web audits.? In many cases, these audits help your organization become more sophisticated in the way in which you approach your fundraising strategy in all revenue streams.

IF YOU LIKE ALL (or even just one) OF THESE THINGS – mark “DEFINITELY” next to our session, “Who’s That ‘Anonymous Donor’, Anyway?” at 11:30am Tuesday, August 27th.